• Biblioteca Camões, Largo Calhariz, Лиссабон, Португалия Transfer
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Multimedia exhibit | MISS SUZIE


MISS SUZIE is a local multimedia artist specializing in costumes, cinema, theater, and music. Here’s what she says about herself: “One day someone said that I was ‘woman with girl’s eyes.’ I like that. I have always lived in a real world of fantasy, which feeds my soul and amuses me, and which I think makes others happy. That’s what moves me, the smile. Those who know me know that it is true. My path in music, theater, and cinema, among many other performing arts, allows me to realize the dreams of several people and, consequently, mine. This is a show of dreams come true. And it is in this world that I adore that I will continue my journey.”

If you’re in the neighborhood, don’t just snap a tourist photo of the tiles outside — go up and actually check out the historic library, and, while there, take a glimpse at the world through Miss Suzie’s eyes.