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Yin Yoga & Spiritual Medecine 3 days Immersion with Betty


We are very honored receive the amazing Betty Papadopoulou at Agora Lisboa for a special 3 days immersion Yin Yoga and Spiritual Medecine. 15 hours of exploration into Yin Yoga; working with the Healing power of Yin through different practices introducing Spiritual Medecine. Program and more information ==>>> READ BELOW :) and write us at Write us at info@agora-lisboa.com if you have any question!

Betty is an amazing experienced teacher, don't miss the opportunity to meet her and share the bliss of a weekend together. (more about Betty below)


Taoist practices as they apply to Yin Yoga: Yin & Spiritual Medicine

Yin yoga & Yin Yoga poses. The main principles and concepts behind the practice

The Yin practice of non-striving and how it influences our lives and our teaching

Coming in touch with our own nature, understanding our own natural patterns. A basic understanding of Yin Yoga anatomy

Practices of Self-growth: Yin & Spiritual medicine

Yin Yoga & Meditation: A Yin approach to the concept of "change"

A different approach to the Meridians & the Five Elements: Yin & Spiritual Medicine

Trauma & Yin Yoga

Primitive dance expression, kirtan and more...


if you are a teacher or a student of yoga, a teacher of any kind, a parent, a therapist, if you accompany people in any way, then this seminar is for you. If you have started to understand that you cannot help anyone unless you help and support yourself then you are highly invited. If you have wished for a few days of learning about the yin way of approaching life or simply for a few days self growth, a quiet time to reflect and prepare for the new season that is rising then simply come.

Dates: October 25-27 2019 PROGRAM: Friday 5PM -8 PM Saturday 12PM-3PM / 5PM-8PM Sunday 10AM-13PM/ 3PM-6PM

TOTAL : 15 HOURS You can also join for Saturday & Sunday only - contact us about it. Open to all levels of practitioners EARLY BIRD PRICE if you sign up until September 15 2019 Spots are limited - Save yours with a 70 euros deposit. Write us at info@agora-lisboa.com FULL FLYER POSTED ON THE FB EVENT OR AVAILABLE HERE: https://www.soniaamayoga.com/news-and-events.html

MORE About Betty:

Betty was born in Greece at 1970. She was a high school teacher for 12 years teaching finance and social science. She first started practicing Tai Chi in 2002. Her teacher introduced her also to the "art of touch" and to Thai Massage.

She started practicing Hatha Kriya Yoga at 2004 and since then has been attending numerous seminars and training courses all over the world. At 2011 she did her TTC at Yin Yoga with her teacher and friend Biff MIthoefer, and since 2013 they are working together for his TTC's in Greece.

Betty is teaching the Module 1 Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course "The sacred ceremony" together with many other yin yoga workshops. The last years Betty is following her Tai Chi teacher Tew Bunang into his seminars and research on End of Life care, practicing what she calls "Spiritual Medicine". She is a Vipassana Meditator since 2008.

She is teaching the Thai Yoga Massage Beginners Course "Thai Massage Training, Yin and Spiritual Medicine" together with many other workshops on Thai massage and therapy. She has practiced contemporary dance and dance theater for six years, continues her research in life through Dance Therapy Schools, "Gestalt Institute of San Francisco," "End of Life Care."

Betty uses her drum, guitar, and voice to connect with the clear rhythm of the heart. She has been cofounder of the “You Create Your Reality Program, through Creative Arts and Educational Programs" for the children and the youth of the area Kamuli Uganda.