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Japanese Maki Bowl


Japanese Maki Bowl

New culinary thematic for my 2019 cooking classes until July: Delicious Asian Streetfood Bowls

“One night in V-Tokyo” Rainbow Sushi-Makibowl.

Learn the art of homemade vegan Sushi-Makirolls with homemade pickeled Ginger served in a 5-Component Bowl.

Includes Workshop, Tasting, Recipes. 100% plant-based 100% yummy

AllyouneedisVeg Food Lab // CIM Mouraria, Lisbon.

35 € / person Option: Book for a family member or friend in the end of the workshop a dinner bowl. 15 € / person. Infos & Booking: workshop@allyouneedisveg.de http://www.allyouneedisveg.de/events