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IE Global Admissions Test - Kiev


The IE Global Admissions Test has been adapted to an online format in order to ensure maximum comfort for prospective students. Aimed at an international audience, this practical exam is for ambitious participants who want to transform their careers through IE.

On your ieGAT test day, please arrive 15 minutes before the exam starts and bring your ID card/passport, your personal laptop with its charger, a mouse (optional) and a basic calculator. Remember that no preparation is required to take this test. It is simply meant to determine test-takers’ ability to process information and think strategically on the spot.

Keep in mind that you can only take the test once. You will have 30 days to submit your application from the date of the test (if you haven’t submitted it already). The ieGAT result is only valid for applications submitted within this timeframe.

Make sure you review the ieGAT website to understand what the test is about.