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Exhibit “Among Dinosaurs”

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As you probably already know, dinosaurs once roamed the Earth— but did you know that they roamed around Portugal? The Museum of Natural History is taking an intensive look at different types of dinosaur fossils and inviting you to get to know the regions of Portugal where they are most abundant. Learn about excavation work, laboratory preparation, and identification of the Allosaurus fossils found in Andrés (Pombal) and maybe you’ll get a better idea about just what was going on at this time 150 million years ago, and what dinosaurs have survived until today.

From the organizers:

Allosaurus: in what regions of the planet were they discovered? What characteristics did these Dinosaurs have? The answer to this question leads to the reflection about the diets of the dinosaurs, their life habits, and the adaptations necessary for their survival. Since Allosaurus is a theropod, we can not forget that some dinosaurs of this group evolved acquiring avian characteristics. We are therefore led to the conclusion that not all of the dinosaurs were extinct 66 million years ago.

Note: Weekend hours are from 11h to 18h