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Lisabon Workshops Freestyle Storytelling on the streets


Street Photography is, of all the photographic disciplines, one of the most comprehensive and useful to develop the ability to interpret... Zu diesem Event Street Photography is, of all the photographic disciplines, one of the most comprehensive and useful to develop the ability to interpret situations in a less superficial way and to develop a deeper cultural sensitivity.

Practice will help you to recognize situations and details that can make a great shot. It will also help you to develop social skills and the ability to interact with strangers.

Street Photography is an attitude, it is an openness to being amazed by what you will discover every time you take a walk with your camera. With practice and some hard work, you will learn to notice the extraordinary and beautiful narratives that are occurring in front of you every day.

You will learn to create relationships within the frame that may well not exist in reality, creating enigmatic, poetic and surreal photographies.

I will discuss with you how I approach people on the Streets and how I learned seeing photos before they happen. I will share with you all my experiences made over the last 10 years on the Streets of some of the biggest cities in the world.

This legendary genre, almost art in its own right, excites your curiosity and you are eager to learn more about its history and practice? You like or would like, to capture the moment, the human, the anecdote, but your inhibitions put obstacles in your way? Then be sure this class is for you!

The workshops I run are intended to be hands-on and are designed to give you the most information possible. No hiding information and that’s the reason most of my workshops are aimed at a very small amount of participants. That way you will get all the advantages of working closely with me.

Workshops can be tailored to your specification. In order to discuss this with me as well as choosing a suitable date for you to have your workshop, please message me through the contact page to arrange a phone call or to initiate an email conversation so you can explain your photography goals and the areas you wish to work on.

Duration of workshops: 9am until 6pm.

Before starting shooting, technical tips and tricks will be given, exclusively designed to optimize your technical management in the context of the street, and for a photograph “on the fly”.

We will cover the following theory:

– Using light

– Camera technique

– Shooting from the hip purposefully

– Creating your own photographic niche

– Creating impact in your work: perspective & scale

– Approaching strangers and street photography etiquette

– How best to approach social media and getting your work in the spotlight

– camera in low-light conditions

– optimize your b/w photographs and help you develop a unique style

– Understand light and contrast

– Use the correct exposure for shadows and highlights

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