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looking for a job (it’s really urgent)


about myself (experience):

  • horrible as the housekeeper/waitress due to the natural clumsiness (always got good tips though🙈)
  • very bad as the cassier - because i don’t know how to count 😺 (it was great to talk to some customers - i just loved it😺)
  • not good as the saller - sell something that I like to use myself only 😺
  • experienced as the bank manager (service sector)- barely survived (some clients loved me though😺)
  • experienced in launching new bank department from “0”- wasn’t easy but so cool ! :))
  • don’t know how to cook (but can inspire for creating project related to a food sector, for example😺)
  • used to practice pole-fitness (but if you ask me to do a striptease dancing I will prove that pole-fitness is not really related to that🙈)
  • experienced in launching and promoting few business-projects (I think that both ideas and promotion were great because they’ve been taken from me right after launching 🙈)
  • just love to make up slogans, logos, texts and after fit the possible business-concept to them 😻
  • principled to the point of arrogance, but at the same time modest and shy (that also why probably the role of woman who engages in sexual activities for money is unsuitable for me, despite what people who offer me this say and my grandma)
  • sometimes (very often:)) attract adventures and troubles (due to the curiosity and willing to trust people) - can be usefull for discovering crimes:))
  • computer programs skills level (based on people's reaction - 🙈🙀🤦‍)

-experienced in participating in “Startup visa Portugal” with project - to help people find their perfect place in life quikly 🙈 example of what/who I was looking for is here Education: graduated as the government manger /self-educated in advertisment (just adore brands with history 😻) languages: 🇷🇺( speak/write/think); 🇬🇧 (speak/think/write); 🇵🇹 (nao falo mas entendo:) others (understand, but not always)

people who knows me say:

  • alien (so once someone from my planet even threw a meteor on me 👽) (more info in the video of that event I witnessed:)
  • always support any strike (even hunger😺) -can cheer up for any adventure (even dangerous)
  • can put everything and everyone on their perfect place (still can’t find mine though🙈)
  • some people call me "sociopatic introvert" :)
  • on my question "what am I good at?" people say "you crazy" and "you blow people's minds"😺 P.S. I was honest in order to get accurate help, but you are welcome to SMILE:)