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Yoga classes @ the Om Room | March 2019


⋗ Yoga classes @ the Om Room | by Heden ⋖ Did you know about Heden Lisboa's new yoga studio? The Om Room is a gently lit, cork lined 40m2 space, providing a relaxing and recharging environment, where regular yoga classes, meditation sessions and a variety of healing practices are held.

*Changes in our calendar might intervene between weeks.

Make sure to check our Facebook page for updated class calendar.

⋗ Price per class: 12€ for walk-in (8€ for Heden members)

⋗ OM-PASS, our 8-class pack, is now available for 64€ (pass to be used over a duration of 3 months)

Reserve your spot now:

  • via the present EventBrite page

  • or via email (info@heden.co) for special packs.

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Here are our regular classes @ the Om Room, by our resident teachers:

Mondays // 19h30 - 20h45 [New Class] Led with Jai Te Gang, this Introduction to Kundalini Yoga will explore its tools for leadership and success: meditation, yoga practice and teachings applicable to our lives, both in personal and professional settings.

Tuesdays & Thursdays // 19h00 - 20h15 Sabrina teaches an #Anusara-based class, which focuses on alignment and a fluid sequencing. Her Tuesday class focuses on the basics of yoga, the Thursday class is a level 2 class. Both classes offer the 5 elements - space, earth, water, fire and air - as guidelines.

Wednesdays // 10h30 - 11h45 [New time slot] Lena S. will lead a Ashtanga-based class.

Thursdays // 10h30 - 11h45 Discover #RocketYoga, a modern interpretation of #Ashtanga Yoga, suitable to all practitioners. Class led by Ruby (Boa Onda Yoga)

Fridays // 10h30 - 11h45 Ruby’s practice is a fun, creative and strengthening oriented form of #Vinyasa that incorporates elements of Rocket Yoga.

All of them are firm believers in the balancing, energizing and empowering benefits of yoga. Everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to yogi masters.

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Message us, if you have any questions: info@heden.co

The Om Room is also available to book on an hourly basis

heden.co / www.facebook.com/OmRoom.Heden