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Kate Meo

Красивая осанка и подтянутый пресс - мечта любой девушки! Приглашаем на инновационную комплексную ♻ программу от специалистов коррекции фигуры и реабилитации Citrus Fitness. Методика ✨ Antigravity позволяет разгрузиться мышцы спины, мягко вытянуть позвоночник и раскрыть грудной отдел. Тренировки с использованием платформы ⚡ ORBIT позволяют укрепить глубокий слой мышц живота, тем самым создать надежный эффект плоского подтянутого пресса! [ ] tel:+7(351) 220-33-33

  • Mon, Jul 01, 09:00
  • Citrus Fitness, Komsomol'skiy Prospekt, Chelyabinsk, Russia
from 70 €

Beats, Rolls & Drops, w/ Simon Wood


Simon Wood will be visiting Jaya in July and will be leading two different level workshops! Don't miss the opportunity to learn from this amazing international performer and teacher. INTERMEDIATE SILKS || FRIDAY (19h30 - 21h30) This workshop will aim to lay the foundation of beats and rolls, as well as providing participants with some longer sequences and drops. Participants will need to be able to comfortably invert at height. ADVANCED SILKS || SATURDAY (14h - 17h) This workshop will provide an extensive introduction to beat technique and rolling techniques, as well as including some more difficult drops and sequences. Beat technique will explore use of momentum and swing to make your movements in the efficient, as well providing new pathway transitions in and out of previously-learned skills and laying the foundation for the harder catch-and-release dynamic tricks. Rolling technique aims to provide an introduction to ways and methods of rolling both up and down the silks. Participants should be able to comfortably and repeatedly invert at height and have a firm grasp of basic moves on both sides such as catchers and hip lock. info & booking

  • Fri, Jul 05, 18:30
  • Jaya Lab - Yoga . Aerial Arts, Rua da Escola de Medicina Veterinária, Лиссабон, Португалия

Lisbon pole camp

Kate Meo

​Unite the passion for Pole Dance with falling in love with the beautiful city of Lisbon! []

  • Tue, Aug 06, 13:30
  • Lisbon, Portugal